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  • Name of the Maker: ANAND T. CHAUHAN
      • What does it do– EMBROPAINTING: is a combination of embroidery & painting.
      • Why this idea– I am an embroidery designer since 2006 and I also like to make painting and do something new and creative, so I originate this idea.” EMBROPAINTING”.
      • Plans ahead– In Future I want to explore my work in all over the World. & creat a new modern art possibility with my work.I want to do expo in Europe, USA, and UK.
      • Investments made– I was doing from 2013 and make already around 25 painting, so some of investment I was done and for maker mela I create new series of my work.
      • Story of struggle if any/ interesting experience– Ya, in a start people take as a younger And some time we are not enable to make expo on right time on right place so, also we was not get good platform, but we are trying our best and will get better from the society.
      • Family support– Family do not support me in this to me, but I am a businessman so I handle it on my way.
      • How will it help people /society– From my work or art India can present their culture to the World and my painting is something different from normal painting so its look colourful and with folk style, craft & art. So its is best for wall  to make creative.
      • Explain your work as a Maker in a few lines- EMBROPAINTING: is a combination of embroidery & painting. I am a embroidery designer since 2006 & painting is my passion, so I mix up this both things and create a new art style which call Embropainting.This style was originate by me in 2013. And I am the world first artist who originate this style painting. For this I got the “GOLDEN BOOK OF THE WORLD RECORD” to originate this new style in all over the world.   My work is selected in NEW YORK – WORLD MAKER FAIR-2016.




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