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The Batpod

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Name of Maker – Rahul Gajbhiye, Ankit Kumar and Abhijeet Khandagale.

Project Lincoln –

  • It all started from the broken leftovers of failure. The official project start date was 21st April 2011. The first team had just 3 of us – Rahul Gajbhiye, Ankit Kumar and Abhijeet Khandagale. I happened to rebuild the Batpod on my own, only to become one of the mere 5 people round the globe to do so. Yes, also the first one in my country to dare this feat.
  • The project was head by Abhijeet Khandagale and the designs were made by Ankit, the lead designer who is now studying at Academy of Arts, San Fransisco, CA and Zina Dk who is from Tunisia. The rest team was 12 member huge, who came in at various phases of the project.
  • The bike stands at 3 feet tall and 8 feet wide, sporting two 195mm 17” tires. The vehicle is set to derive power from a Pulsar 220cc FI engine which was salvaged from a bike wreck. The interesting thing to note about this vehicle is that it is completely built of second hand parts, and no stock parts have been used. A 100% custom designed vehicle from these engineering minds.
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