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Name of the Maker: Sanika Deshpande, Ramaa Kulkarni, Aabha Sakharkar, Jaee Mokashi, Yashasvi Admane, Kinjal Vora

  • What does it do :
    Kagaz is about love for handmade stuff. We make customised handcrafted books for retail and also for bulk order.
  • How does it to do it:
    The books are hand cut and stitched. Also we design or customise interesting cover graphics according to one’s need.
  • Why this idea:
    Aren’t we all sick and tired of the same old boring sketch books? We decided to add some quirk and colour to them. We at Kagaz, are an enthusiastic bunch of architecture students who love art, doodling, sketching, painting, all of it. And hence, we have come up with sketch books with different types of papers to suit your need without being boring at all.
  • Plans ahead: Expanding Kagaz and also exploring new products we can try our hands on.
  • Investments made : We shelled out all our savings for this purpose.
  • Family support:
    We have full mental support from our families.
  • How will it help people /society: People can get the things done they want. They are figuratively designers of their own books.
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