Smart School Bag

Smart School Bag

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School bags for children are getting heavier with increasing number of books, notebooks and other things. Children need to carry the school bags every day to school for 12 years and so this is posing a serious health hazard for children.School authorities are coming up with various ideas to keep the school bags light. One of the points that school authorities are requesting parents to make sure children keep only the required books in school bag and not all the books. However, this puts additional burden on children to check the school time-table every day and pack school bags accordingly.

I, Aryan Tanwar, studying in VII standard, National Public School, Bangalore, have come up with a unique idea to not only automate this within a school bag but also to make school bag much more smart. I have created a “Smart School Bag” which can do following:

  • While students keep the books/note-books in school bag, the school bag indicates whether that book/note-book is required in school or not (as per that day’s time-table). This is done via red and green LED lights attached to school bag.
  • This “Smart School Bag” additionally indicates if student should carry an umbrella or rain-coat based on day’s weather predictions.
  • “Smart School Bag” also indicates if the student should carry jacket again based on day’s weather predictions.

All of the above is achieved by attaching a RFID tag to each book/note-book and “Smart School Bag” reading the tag and comparing the detected book against day’s time-table. “Smart School Bag” then turns on red or green LED to show if the book/note-book is required or not. “Smart School Bag” also gets the day’s weather prediction from standard/well-known weather-sites (such as and then indicates about need of rain-coat or jacket in school.


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