VELOCITY- Three Wheeler Car

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Name of the Maker:  Ashtad Kohinoor, Hatim lakdawala, Mohammed Jam, Bhavik Jain , Hussain godrawala

What does it do : it’s a three wheeler car which has two tyres in the front and one at the back

How does it to do it : powered by a 150cc pulsar IC engine . The drive is given to the rear wheel transmissions via chain

Why this idea : because four tyres is too mainstream

Plans ahead : a four seater compact electric vehicle which will change transportation for the better

Investments made : pocket money of the team members and parents contribution

Story of struggle if any/ interesting experience : the initial project was started by Ashtad Kohinoor Hatim Lakdawala and Qusai jhaveri during our 10th standard . We had built a car before this one and had gained allot of experience however we wanted to build a better model it took us two years to make this and it wouldn’t have been possible without Mohammed jam Hussain godrawala and bhavik jain! This car is purely for experimental and hoby purpose … there were many challenges we had to overcome as the design were never made on any software program! They were all made free hand on paper we solved complications as they came in our way .

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