A guide to Maker Mela

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If you have ever been to Maker Mela, you would know the kinds of vibes you get there. A vibrant gathering of creative minds and excited tech-lovers, brought together by a common passion. There are makers from various walks of life there eager to share their innovations with society – some of which are absolutely mind-boggling! As a visitor to Maker Mela, you’re bound to learn something new and get engaged in creative activities.
What you need to do:

1. Plan your visit:
Have a look at all the events and sessions scheduled on each day by visiting the website. Mark those which really interest you and keep an open mind and some extra time for new possibilities as well. You might find something that really interests you.

2. Participate:
Many workshops are organized at maker mela. Don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and learn something new because learning by doing is the most effective way there is. From poetry writing workshops to AI & ML workshops, interactive learning is the order of the day. Although they might be totally out of your stream, giving them a try would be harmless.

3. Interact:
Talk to people. You will find like-minded people more easily than you might think. Pose questions to the makers there and know more about the innovations that attract you. Interact with the speakers, and the guest visitors during the speaker sessions. Most importantly, get inspired.

4. Take home something:
Make a note of the ideas or innovations that really interested you. Take home amazing merchandise. Consider the innovations that really fascinated you. You might come to Maker Mela next year not as a visitor, but as a maker!

If you think your innovation is unique and out-of-the-box, join Maker Mela and inspire others.
You can register here:
registration link: makermela.com/register/

Hope you have an amazing time at Maker Mela 2019!

For more information, visit: makermela.com

For the latest updates, follow the official social media handle:

Facebook link: facebook.com/makermela/
Instagram link: instagram.com/makermela/
Twitter link: twitter.com/makermelaIndia

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